Butterfly Valves are available in Manual, Air Actuated, and Air Actuated with two Micro switches and a Solenoid Valve. Clamp or Butt Weld ends are Standard. Other connections are available upon request. 

     Available seat materials include Silicone, Viton, and EPDM. Sizes range from 1" through 4". All product contact surfaces are available in either T304 or T316

   Check Valves are widely used for both sanitary and industrial applications to prevent backflow of product. Once the product flow stops, the ball rolls back to the seat at the inlet, preventing backflow. Ball Check Valves are commonly used with liquid products.

   Sping Check Valves are designed to assist closure pressure to create a positive shutoff. They are commonly used with liquid products as well.

   Both valves are offed with clamp and weld ends. Other connections are available upon request. Sizes range from 1" through 3" in T316 stainless steel.

     Ball Valves are used in a wide variety of high pressure applications. Two factors make them popular. First, a full unrestricted flow that allows no product restrictions through the valve. Second, the three piece design and the removal of a minimal number of bolts allows service to be performed without removing the complete valve from the line.

   These are available in two and three way ball valves made from T316(CF8M) stainless steel.  Clamp and Weld ends are standard. Other connections are available upon request. 1/2" through 4" sizes are available. These meet all FDA and 3A requirements.

    PVA Valves are available Manual, Air Actuated, and Air Actuated with an electronic control head.

  Configurations can be Shut off, Divert or Tank outlet.

 Connections consist of Clamp, Weld, Bevel Seat, and E-Line.

 PVA Valves are made of T316L Stainless which meet all 3A requirements and are offered in 1 1/2" through 3" sizes.


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